Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heart of the Matter: What Have You Learned?

What is the one thing you learned that you didn't expect from homeschooling?

I tell people, "We homeschool because it's God's will for our lives." Some people are not so sure how to respond to that. "You mean, you HEAR God, and He TOLD you to homeschool." Yes, indeedy. My first lesson would be altogether simply and altogether complicated that I've learned to listen to God and do His bidding. I think it was the first time I can remember that I left behind all my misgivings, all apprehension and did what He told me.

We started when C was four. It's a fun age because preschoolers are eager to learn everything about anything. Little did I know how little I knew about anything, how much I had forgotten! One of the most prominent comes to mind as Autumn has arrived here, and leaves are turning everywhere. "Mommy, why do the leaves turn colors." "Well, Cristian... I don't know." There have been so many pivotal moments like that, and I'm sure more to come.

When we were in Nebraska, one of my cousins asked, "So, you're with your children all day everyday?" I smiled, and nodded. Standing in these shoes, I could not imagine doing anything else, and surprisingly to me, I LOVE it! I love everything about it from the community of women that support and lift one another up, to the curriculum shopping. I love hearing my son read or see him adding numbers that need to be regrouped, and knowing because of God's calling I was a part of him learning that. I love how God has created in me the stillness, the calm, the security of knowing this is right. Maybe not for everyone, but for us.

One of my favorite songs is by Nichole Nordeman "Brave". Here are some lyrics from that song:

Welcome to the middle ground
You're safe and sound and
Until now it's where I've been

'Cause it's been fear that ties me down to everything
But it's been love, Your love, that cuts the strings

So long status quo
I think I just let go
You make me want to be brave
The way it always was
Is no longer good enough
You make me want to be brave
Brave, brave

I was very much that safe road, taking the road more travelled girl. I pocketed my rebellious nature much the time in exchange for not wanting to ruffle feathers. When God called Ron and I to take this road, I had no idea that one of the lessons was to make me brave. Sometimes your choices are challenged and misunderstood. God has given me the fortitude to stand up and be brave when I would have wanted to seek the safety of conformity. God, my children, and homeschooling have been chock full of lessons and I know there are only more to come.


SmallWorld at Home said...

I love how you said this: "I love how God has created in me the stillness, the calm, the security of knowing this is right." That is such an amazing feeling!

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing!