Tuesday, September 23, 2008


It seems autumn has arrived here in Colorado. Our trees are already beginning to turn. I've had to go into the crawlspace that stores our warm clothes to get out pants and long sleeved tops. I really think it's all coming so early!

Friday we had a park day with our homeschooling group. A family we met up with had just been to Bank's School Supply. It's a warehouse with every school supply imaginable and then some. They had purchased a chess game that has little pedestals the pieces sit on. The pedestals note which directions the pieces should go. C and his friend, Collin, promptly sat down (yes, despite the seesaws, rope bridges, etc.) and started to play. I think C has an affinity for these games. I wrote before about his desire to play Hnefatafl when we studied the Vikings.

Needless to say a trip to Bank's was in order (as though I would need prompting). I love shopping for school supplies almost as I enjoy shopping for shoes ;). We picked up some puzzles for Isabella. She's in a very puzzle making mode these days. The Chess game and another crossword game came home (who charges $3.50 for a game these days anymore?!). I'm inclined to think C was attracted to the crossword game because the gameboard is actually a large flat Lego, hmmmm. Nevertheless, it should be fun either way. We bought butterfly nets for my entomologists. Finally, I found a spider web frame. Ron really doesn't see the point in this, but I love it. I've wanted one for awhile now. I can't wait for a resident spider to move in. Okay, so when we go to Bank's it's not just for the kids...

I figured I'd include a picture of a Denver Sunflower that has bloomed in our yard. I love the colors. :) It makes me think of autumn. This might be our last here in Colorado for awhile. To say I have loved it here is an understatement. It is here that I finally became more comfortable in my skin~ as a mom, a homeschooler, a wife, and more importantly God's child. I see more than ever that we (meaning women who emcompass all of the above) don't all fit one mold, and really it's better we don't.

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