Thursday, October 9, 2008

HSBA: Study Spots

This week share your favourite spot to study with your kids. There are many places you can sit down to teach, learn, and work, but where do you prefer and why? You’re welcome to include a photo of your study spot! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s!

We primarily do our studying in our schoolroom. I wish I had a picture to share, but I'm not sure what I did with it. After schooling for a couple years without one, and seeing mass quantities of paperwork accumulating to no end in my dining room, I opted to create one.

Having our specialized room has made a significant difference in our homeschool environment. For one, I get to hang up all those cool posters you see at the school supply stores. For some reason, I have a need to do such things. So, we have a map of the world, a U.S. map, the Golden Rule, a calendar, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

The next reason is that both C and I are HIGHLY distractable. So, I figured confining ourselves to one room would help contain our need to wander off and stumble upon something else to do. C knows that when we're in the schoolroom, it's school time. No Legos are allowed in the schoolroom because that would defeat the whole antidistractability cause. I get his undivided attention in here, or we start over with the lesson. Seriously, he stands up, walks out the door, turns around, and comes back in ready to rumble.

Next, I have a room to put all the books, games, activities, etc., that accumulate when one is hs'ing. I had no idea there was so much stuff until it became a battle between the spaghetti and the Math U See books as to what was going to get dining room table time.

I must say, however, that our schoolroom is not my favorite spot to homeschool. It's cute, it works, but it's not my favorite. The very best place to homeschool is not even at home. It's out and about in no particular place at all. It could be a nature center, or a museum, a park, or the backyard. It's on the job training of sorts. The most unexpected lessons arise from these experiences. Yes, some of them are neat and orderly and coincide perfectly with what you're studying in Science. However, some of them have no place at all in our printed books.

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Michelle said...

I know what you mean about learning experiences wherever you are....

Kris said...

I agree that it is nice to have everything all in one place and out-of-sight. We don't exactly have that anymore, but it certainly worked for us for a season.

Thanks for sharing!

SmallWorld at Home said...

I have a weird attraction to those posters from school supply stores, too!

SmallWorld at Home said...

I SO totally don't mind stalkers! Or at least, nice stalkers. But I do get creeped out having my windows open at night when people can see in. Like actual stalkers. ;-)

SmallWorld at Home said...

;-) Thanks!!

Violin Mom said...

Yeah, homeschool was taking over our entire house, too. That's why we moved over to a real school room this year. I enjoyed your post.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so right! The best spot/s ARE the places of spontaneous learning! Wish I'd of thought of that before writing my post. LOL.
Many Blessings,