Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thrift Store Treasures

Monday, Ron had off from work for the Veteran's Day holiday. We decided we should get out of the house for awhile, although I was perfectly content to stay in my fluffy socks and pajamas. So, we headed out. Ron wanted to go to the Asian food store we get our Asian staples, and I wanted to go to the thrift store in the same strip mall. Ron took the kids to the Asian store with him to get the Ramen and rice candies we can only get there. I was dropped off in front of the ARC to peruse to my heart's content.

There are always fun things to discover at thrift stores. One time I walked into one such store and saw tighty whities hanging neatly on a hanger. Hmmmm... On this particular day I found a great little hen dish. I have this thing about chickens and hens right now. I'm not sure what that's about. Anyhow, $15 is a bit steep for a little hen at a thrift shop for me. So, I moved on to the books. I LOVE children's books! The older the better. I love the techno colored idyllic illustrations on pages that are dog eared and turning the slightest bit yellow from age. Those are the books I gravitate toward. On this visit, I found a lemon yellow binding a grey cover. Turning it over, I saw Abraham Lincon, a Scottish terrier, and kangaroos hopping toward the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel. Opening the book, I was greeted by the red orange and teal drawings surrounding the Table of Contents. "Abraham Lincoln" by the d'Aulaires, Robert Louis Stevenson's "A Child's Garden of Verses", and Rudyard Kipling's "How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin" all complete on the list. I was beyond excited, I still am excited! $1.99! You have to love thrift stores. Too, I was able to get a book needed for our American History booklist "Follow the Drinking Gourd"! Woohoo!!!

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