Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh boy!

Ron's commander's wife had a baby. Can you guess what the baby's gender is? LOL. He was a really little guy, 5 pounds. She had been hospitalized since Christmas because she had placenta previa. Please say a prayer that she heals well(she has two little ones at home) and little Jacob is healthy. He was born a bit early.

Here's my card for the new guy:

Amy Butler blue paper
Hobby Lobby felt
Heidi Grace chipboard frame & ricrac
The Paper Studdio stamps
vintage buttons


JAN said...

I just love all of your cards. You are so talented!

Ingrid said...

What a lovely card! You're such a talented card maker.

BTW, Happy New Year to you!

Chimene said...

What a sweet card for a little baby boy!!!!

I'll say a prayer that she heals well!

XXXX Chimene

tonya said...

this is so beautiful..
oh wow..

Anabelle said...

Lovely card! I will keep both of them in my prayers.

Alisa said...

Sweet, indeed!

When storing my pom pom trim, I wrap it onto a card like the others, and somehow manage to stuff it into the drawer with the others. Just takes up a lot of room!

jazsutra said...

wowww {drooling}..Lovely cards Tina.but something seems to be missing addy..ok ok old joke LOL!! and thanks for 'following' my honoured ;)

jazsutra said...

Went ard your gallery!!! u do have unique style!loving your cards!!! and all the best in your shifting ;)

Mrs Wonka said...

What a beautiful card!

Mrs Wonka x