Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Week in Review: 1/5-1/9

I feel like I have adult onset ADHD. My mind is spinning in ten thousand directions. LOL. Just the same we were able to homeschool this week without as much chaos as I had thought after 2 weeks off.

We are just about done with All About Spelling. We did compound words this week, which went very well.

We reviewed months and ordinal numbers for MathUSee. We'll be moving on to Gamma here in a couple weeks. Yay!!!

We're continuing on with Pathway Readers and the workbook. This week we reviewed when, where, what. We also put words in alphabetical order. This is something we've not done before, but it went smoothly.

We're studying the Middle East. We started with Iraq. For those of you studying with My Father's World, you might be thinking, "huh?" We're studying more countries than Saudi Arabia for our Middle East studies. So, we'll be doing Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. There may be more. I have to go check out my book basket. There is so much history in this part of the world, as well as history in the making that I just wanted to concentrate on this area a bit more.

For Bella, I ordered Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. She's revved up and ready to go. She keeps asking, "Is my book here yet?" :)

So, that's the jist of our week homeschooling-wise. We're excited to be hooking up with homeschool groups in Texas, even if it's via the Internet. Texas is an uber homeschool friendly state, so that is a blessing as well.

I feel an urge from the Holy Spirit to request prayer for my homeschool sister, Kysha. Her link is to the right under "Love's School." Please just pray that God be with her and comfort her and her family right now. Thanks.


Kysha said...

Sounds like a wonderful week and thank you, thank you so much for the much needed prayers. Thank you, sweet friend.

Lori said...

Tina, thanks for visiting with me:) i will say a prayer for your friend...i think it is wonderful that you home school your children...i don't know if i would have the patience or the smarts to do that...i think my 16 year old is already smarter than i...not kidding either...we have a great school system here, thank goodness...your paper work is lovely, you make the most beautiful cards!!!

SmallWorld at Home said...

So you are leaving in 2 weeks? Will you be computerless?