Tuesday, May 25, 2010

blessings abound...

I continue to be abundantly blessed by your comments about our soldier departing. I am comforted by your words and your prayers. I know he will be home soon. Still, my heart aches for those who have so much longer to wait. Please continue to pray for them.

I'm a bit late, but Sunday, my Ron and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. It's a bit funny because we've actually known one another for almost 20 years, but it just took him awhile to realize he was doomed to be married to me. I'd love to share 11 things I thank God for with regards to Ron. I totally would not be offended if you excused yourself to weed your garden or reorganize your coupons ;D

1. He knows me almost better than I know myself.

2. He makes polenta that makes your toes curl. Yes, it's that good.

3. He's really a kid in a 38 year old man's body. Our kids love that.

4. He's an amazing artist & he doesn't balk at my disgusting addiction to paper because as an artist he knows it brings me peace.

5. He is a man of integrity and he won't compromise his values.

6. He planted the sage, rosemary & thyme in our herb garden.

7. He knows I have my preferences for certain fruits/veggies being organic & our dairy being hormone/antibiotic free, but he will still indulge in some Spam. ;)

8. He and I share histories and cultures so similar, there is little to no explaining.

9. His favorite movie is Immortal Beloved, seeking to find to whom Beethoven's famous love letter was written. SWOON!

10. He can make me laugh even if I'm really, really not in the mood.

11. He has a very big heart & he truly is a hopeless romantic (besides being a fabulous gift giver).


Samantha said...

the sketch of you is gorgeous, happy anniversiary tina!

Kathy Martin said...

What a keeper! Love his pencil sketch! Happy Anniversary! :)

Nancy said...

God really has blessed you and that sketch is amazing.....

Silvia said...

Love the sketch! He is so talented ,indeed. Happy anniversary to both of you!

Anonymous said...

`Happy Belated` Anniversary to you and Ron...
WoW that sketch is`Gorgeous`..TFSTina...Have a lovely Wednesday :)xxx

HippieMommy said...

Awwww, Happy Anniversary! That sketch is breathtaking <3

Brandi said...

Awww, girl. I've wanted to ask if he had been home yet. I remember when you and the kiddos were counting down the days. I need to get caught up and put you in my blog roll. My dashboard is so cluttered, I forget to check in on y'all. ;)

I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful visit... and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :)

I will keep Ron in my prayers and I hope the time flies by until he is back home with you guys.

I ♥ polenta!!! (fried!!! YUM)