Wednesday, September 8, 2010

an update on planet quinata...

Hi Ya'll, hope you all have received September as well as we have. We are in FULL homeschool mode here. So exciting! I've been blessed to be a part of a great homeschool group in Albuquerque, thanks Cari for introducing me! So, our days are full of park days and lessons, soon to be filled with Daisy Scouts for Bella & a local program designed after Design Squad for Cristian. It keeps me a very happy kind of busy. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me with a lot of time for papercrafting, but with my soldier coming home at the end of the month, I hope I can squeeze a little time in for that between snuggling with my family and seeing King Tut.

I eagerly await the time for changing leaves, cooler weather, and hot apple cider. It's a very comforting time for me. We welcome Fall here in The Land of Enchantment with the roasting of our famous Hatch chile. You don't travel far before the waft of tumbling roasters of chile drift past you. It's about akin to the smell of an apple pie for the New Mexican soul.

Pre~Fall Blessings to You!!!


Alisa said...

Mmmm, roasted Hatch Green Chiles!

I went to the Tut exhibit when it was here... really enjoyed it!

Silvia said...

Oh, this is so nice! Thanks for sharing this picture. Me too, I am so ready for Fall and all the happiness that brings with it. So happy to know that your hubby will be with you soon. Many blessings!!!