Tuesday, September 14, 2010

on my soapbox (be warned)...

It's not often I put myself on a soapbox here. I think the last time was about the election.... hmmmm.... {flashback}

Well, today, I get on another one: love & respect of other people REGARDLESS of ANYTHING. I'm a Christian. I don't, however, condone hatred toward ANYONE regardless of race, RELIGION, gender, & {I know there are some of you that will have a hard time with this one} sexual orientation. Why? Because JESUS said this: "Judge not lest ye be judged." {Matthew 7:1} Even with the woman at the well, Jesus did not say," You are tainted and beyond all forgiveness or grace, I'm gonna stone you like the others."

Why this soapbox rant? It's been coming, believe me, but primarily because of this Iraq, Afghan Veterans Call For Respect For Muslims: 'America, You Gotta Have Our Back'. I am a soldier's wife. I have a husband going to the Middle East in the next 2 months. I love God, I love my country, I love my soldier, I love God's Creation. What's that? Yes, I said I love God's Creation~ everyone! I'm not at liberty to be throwing stones, especially not at the expense of our soldiers. I understand we should lead others to Christ, but how are we to do this when there is so much outwardly vehemence toward those who do that which He doesn't allow? Who can say they've faithfully stepped righteously ALL the days of their life? Who really knows the intentions and heart of a person except for God? Certainly we can say we have/do, but we don't completely. I'm not a false teacher. I'm a daughter of Christ willing to live life as He has portrayed~ with grace, with mercy, with acceptance.

I'll be getting down now.


Sarah Martina said...

Thank you so much for sharing this... I couldn't agree more.

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Oh how fun Tina! Love the new blog look :)

Alisa said...

Great post, Tina!

Theresa said...

Your comment on my blog about being a liberal Christian really meant a lot to me! And then to find this! YES!!! I couldn't agree more!!! We need to lead others to Jesus by acting as he did...Jesus ATE with the sinners...We will bring more to Jesus by our kind actions and words than by shouting and rioting and publicizing our hatred for others. WWJD? If Jesus were here would he tell us to condemn Muslims? I don't believe he would. He would tell us to love EVERYONE and by showing that LOVE we will have more of an impact....I could really go on and on and on...but here I know I am "preaching to the choir"...and it means so very much to me to know that I am not the only liberal Christian homeschool mom!!! I will be following and reading your blog, Tina, thank you for this!!

As far as what this does to our military...let's not REACT, let's think thoroughly about our actions and the reactions we will receive...let's not put the men and women who we owe our freedom and liberty to in harm's way just because of our (self) righteousness!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tina!!!!so true indeed....TFS:) xxx