Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 things you might not know...

1) I HAVE to have coffee in the mornings. I'm not the same without it. Just try me, I dare you...

2) I love shoes and I have an unhealthy addiction to damask {please help me}.

3) I hang nearly all my laundry to dry. It's better for your clothes & the environment.

4) I like reality TV. Nearly all my shows on the DVR are reality {hanging my head in shame}.

5) I REALLY want chickens!!!

6) I ♥ me some Lady Gaga {shhh!!!}.

7) I'm mixed ~ some Spanish some Taiwanese. No, I don't speak Spanish or Chinese.

8) I lived a great deal of my life in Japan. I met my husband there.

9) I give my kids pedicures. Their seriously cracked heels leave me no other choice.

10) I would live with The Fabulous Beekman Boys in a minute.


LORi said...

I ♥ you my friend!! loved reading these 10 things...I want 10 more!! This is a neat idea...I might need to steal it one day!!


Theresa said...

So funny! I Have to have coffee in the morning too and I love damask, as well (and toile!). And I keep singing that Lady Gaga song, "Ya Ya Yayaya..." and my kids and husband look at me like I am nuts, but it's sooo catchy!!

Alisa said...

Great list!
#10. I could happily live in their house.
#5. Check- I want five (I've already named them too)
#4. Only the Colony.
#3. I wish, but I can't figure out a spot for the line in our backyard. It's shaped so weird.
#2. Check- ballet flats for me.
#1. Check, check and double check!

teacher jessy said...

Great to know you a little better now gf! I'm diggin' Gaga too :)

Anonymous said...

coffee ~ yep! YEp!yEp!!!
Laundrey ~ YeP!
TV ~ yEp!
Chickens ~YEp ~and
Ga Ga!!!!Oh and definatly DAMASK!!!!!
Love it Tina TFS:)x