Sunday, March 20, 2011

recycled roses...

Personally, I love things recycled. We're active recyclers here. I even got my dad obsessed... ahem... hooked on recycling. We compost with our worm friends. And, when we need "new" clothes, we go used.  The only things I have issue with recycling are shoes, mattresses & underwear. No need to go there.
It was a FABULOUS surprise to see a tutorial on recycled paper roses. Now, the tutorial involves newspaper, a lovely thing to recycle. However, I plan on using some yummy vintage music or dictionary paper to do this. Just thought I'd share this beautifully simple tutorial with you all courtesy of Linda Albrecht and GlueArts {just click on the GlueArts link & you'll see the tutorial}.

{picture courtesy of Linda Albrecht & GlueArts}