Saturday, June 21, 2008

My best buy this week

No, it was't on a fancy new handbag, or a cute pair of summer shoes. It was on a bag of live ladybugs from the local nursery. I went to O'Tooles' to pick up something for whatever is munching on my sunflowers, zinnias, and hollyhocks up front. I brought Cristian with me, who immediately fell in love with the little insects crawling up and down the inside of a red mesh bag. Our yard is not especially overrun with aphids, but I thought it might be a neat lesson on naural pest control. And, how many times does your child say, "Can we please buy some bugs?" Of course, how many times does your child say, can I have a safe, either. Anyway, I digress. So we brought them home much to the delight of Isabella, who immediately started cooing and talking to the little critters. She has named one Poosey-Woosey. Don't ask me, I don't know. With some serious negotiating, I'm telling you the UN ought to hire me, I convinced her they would be happier in the garden. So, the rest of the story can be told in the pictures attached. Enjoy.

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lavendergardener said...

Love it!! I also love the call I got from C telling me all about the "aphid infestation" and how the lady bugs would be the answer! These are awesome.