Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekly Review

I thought I would do a weekly review of sorts although we've been taking the last couple weeks off from school. This was my last week as a nanny. I am now a full time stay at home mom. I am very much at peace with this. I know God will provide for us if the need should arise, but as Kirk Franklin says "He will meet your needs, not your greeds." :) So, it's time to be frugal and practical.

Today I went through and did a thorough clean up of the house. I moved some things around. A woman and her daughter dropped by and purchased the sleigh bed, so tomorrow that will be broken down. After park day, I'll probably move stuff out of Isabella's room and start priming and painting for our schoolroom. I'm very excited. I feel a great deal will be accomplished by this room. We'll be A LOT more organized. The clutter that has camped out in our dining room will be isolated to that one room, and hopefully everything will have it's place. I'll be posting pictures after everything is set up.

I didn't get all the books in I needed for our curriculum. It's just as well. Our homeschool group has a Bible study for the mothers. We met tonight, Shelby, Taryn, and myself. We're reading through Romans. Today we did Romans 2:16 to the end of chapter 2. It was very necessary. We're planning to meet again next week for another study. Anyhow, we may just start on the Language Arts (Learning Language Arts Through Literature- Red) and the Math (Math U See Beta) as well as Handwriting (Handwriting Without Tears) next week to just get started.

I'm still working on Breaking Free and No Other Gods. God is working hard on this girl, let me tell you! Between my idols and my strongholds, I need it LOL.

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