Monday, July 7, 2008

Crunchy Clearance, Weeds in a Can, and Our Upcoming Week

I just discovered a blessing in having a green thumb. While some of the "downfalls" are being absolutely obsessed with plants (Ron calls them my "children"), dirt perpetually under your nails (I have garden glove issues), and not having enough money or space for all the plants you want, the upside? Plants on clearance. :) I went to Lowe's today to get spray paint for some great chairs I got off craigslist. Of course one cannot go to Lowe's and not hit the nursery. That's just crazy talk. Our recent scorching heat left a few plants too crispy for regular sale. They are just temporarily crunchy, though. I came home with 5 small pots of accent plants so I could have trailing plants from my container gardens just like in all the pretty magazines :); a couple of perennial violets that I hope to add to my daylilies and hostas for my shade area; two small pots of French Marigolds; a fleabane (who thinks up these names?!); and a perennial verbena (okay the last two weren't on clearance but they were like $3 a pot), all for under $25. How exciting. :) I feel sad that they were left on the table sad looking and despondent. Also sad was going by the vegetable plant section and realizing that many of those plants weren't going to go home with anyone. Their time is quickly ticking away and my veggie garden is full. It's like going to a pound and not being able to bring home a dog. Okay, maybe not quite...

So, I will hopefully get around to posting more pictures. A couple of weeks does wonders for a garden. Of course there were casualties, but that's to be expected. Also, I have learned I will NEVER buy the "wildflowers" in a can. SO IRRITATED about that! It turns out it was more like "Weeds in a Can." Really!

Tomorrow we restart school after a long weekend. We have a big week of swimming, playdates and park days before next week when Ron has his eye surgery. Hopefully we'll get some school in between now and then ;)

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lavendergardener said...

I'm with you on the garden glove issues. Can't even stand the thought! I've never tried the "crispy critters" idea....hmmmm... I think I will have to take a trip to a few local stores this weekend....not sure where I'll put them but I'm sure I can find room some where.........I love that you felt sad for the plants left on the table...I do the same thing. That's why it's hard for me to prune things. I always feel bad that the branch didn't get a chance to live to its full potential...Ridiculous, yes... True...completely...

Love you guys,