Saturday, July 5, 2008

Beth & Blog Blabbering

I've been completely floored and convicted by Kelly Minter's "No Other Gods." Beth Moore suggested this very timely study on her Living Proof Blog. Now, I love me some Beth Moore, let's just let that be known. She's an amazingly gifted, humble woman who can speak to our very souls about God's incredible grace and mercy without you feeling like you're STILL not worthy. Some of you know what mean. So, when a dear friend said she had a blog (who'd a thunk?) and that she was suggesting this book, I was one of the (I'm sure) millions who went to and tried to grab a copy. It has been an amazing journey into the seemingly oblivious idols we put before our God and how they prevent us from being closer to our Father. This in conjunction with "Breaking Free" has been monumental. Just monumental. There simply ARE NO words to describe how God has used these two studies to move me.

Completely Off topic....Okay, for whomever reads this blog and appreciates the layout (I know, it's seriously cute, I had nothing to do with it), you HAVE TO check out the link at the left. Lena Toews is a very gifted artist who selflessly creates these incredible layouts for fellow Bloggers. Many of these beautiful creations are free and look very customized. If you would like a little more ooomph, she can do that, at a very fair price with her premade templates. I'm seriously considering one of these. :)

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