Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weekly Review 6/30-7/4

New week, new school "year" in our new school room. What a week! We started Monday a little sluggish, little slow. We implemented a more solid routine that encourages C to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and feed the pets before we start school by 8:30am. If he can get done prior to that time, he can have a bit of free time before the teaching begins. I know, I know, some of the more seasoned hs'ers might ask why I didn't do this before. The answer is that I thought I didn't have to have this degree of structure to do school at home. Yes, I was wrong. Yes, some may be able to accomplish what they need to without this routine in place. I am not one of them. Although we buck the thought, structure is our friend in this home.

So, we got this routine down quite well. By yesterday, C got up, got dressed, got everything done without being prompted and without the complaining that normally accompanies many of the things he doesn't care to do. Bravo!

All the books have YET to arrive for My Father's World. I'm a little frustrated, but this may be premature. Hey, you never know, I might have a big delivery tomorrow, one can only hope. So, we started up Noeo Science again. We're studying invertebrates. We started LLATL Red, which is really quite going well. We finished up our study of money and will be doing a brief cover of graphs and the like. We started our "Beginners Bible," which C reads M-F. We are also reviewing handwriting with Handwriting Without Tears. C is doing easier Independent Reading books. He can read, he just doesn't like to do it. He loves to be read to and listen to audio books, he just doesn't like the act of reading. Sigh! We are reading "Journey to the Center of the Earth" for read aloud time in anticipation for watching the movie. Exciting!

So, today and yesterday we took off. Yesterday it was because we had a Bible Study with moms from our homeschool group here. So C & B's friends came over and the Mom's got in a study of Romans 3. Today, Daddy was home, so C hung out with him a bit. It's Independence Day, so I'll read "The 4th of July Story" by Dalgliesh.

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