Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Baby Baby is Four

Wow! I can no longer even refer to her as a toddler anymore. Seriously, this is hitting a little hard. (sniff!) Since she entered our world four years ago on a hot, July day, Ron and I have been tickled by her in our lives. All my efforts to coax her out early, proved to be an indication of this sweet child's future disposition- she can be quite stubborn LOL. However, she has taught me a lot. After having her brother before her, I think I loosened up and learned to enjoy the process a lot more with Bella. I have learned about the multiple ways to treat her fickle, sensitive skin. Most recently I have stumbled on a fabulous eczema salve that is sold by The Herb Store in Albuquerque. I have had to learn to work fine, curly hair without her walking out looking like she snuck her finger into a socket. I have learned to let loose on all things girly that I completely fought against before she was born. She loves princesses and squeals with delight about all things pink, sparkly, and fuzzy, what can I say? She has taught me to love pink again, as evidenced by the pink, blinged out cross tank I am sporting. You probably WOULD NOT have found me in anything like that before she was born. She has taught me that taking time to paint our nails is a bit of a priority. And most of all, that a smile can melt hearts, primarily hers. Thank you, Lord for this sweet wonder.


Lavendergardener (AKA Auntie Mei Mei) said...

Happy Birthday Bella!!! Even if you did refuse to respond to any of my attempts to have you born while I was there visiting! I love you Baby Girl!

Taryn said...

A very happy birthday to B!