Thursday, July 31, 2008

MFW & More Review

We're getting through our week 2 of MFW ECC. We reviewed the longitude and latitude on Monday. Yesterday we talked about the oceans of the world. Today political and physical maps. I've really been helped out by a find in the dollar section at Target- I love that spot :). There is a laminated map of the world. On one side it has all the continents and 4 of the oceans labled. On the flip side, there are lines at the bottm and you are supposed to label the continents and oceans. I love it. The only thing is it is missing the Southern Ocean, but apparently the Ocean was not even recognized until 2000, so that's understandable :)

We've been doing drill work for MathUSee. So, tomorrow we'll start on the lessons. C's been doing really well with his drill work, although it was a bit rocky at first.

We're continuing to love and use Bible Study Guide for all ages. Today, Bella participated, too. Yesterday, I read a character book from the library titled "Honesty" that went well with the lesson.

We finished up our creepy crawly section of Noeo, so we'll be moving on Desert Habitats tomorrow. Since we actually lived in a desert habitat for awhile, C should have something to relate to it.

C's handwriting is continuing to get better and better with the HWOT review. I love that program! I just can't say enough about it.

We've been playing a game similar to chess that came with C's Viking's Treasure Box by Fiona McDonald called hnefatfl. I was surprised he was so taken by it. I think we played it four times today! He's also VERY good at it. I wa sreally challenged the last couple of times. I shouldn't have given him those pointers, LOL. :) Anyhow, I think we'll pick back up with our review of Early American History with

After many attempts to keep all four of C's chair legs on the floor with our old schoolroom set, I have replaced it. It wasn't so much that I was afraid he would crack his head (the floor is well padded) as much as the chairs (which are nearly 40 years old) kept coming apart & I just couldn't deal with the repetitive gluing. :P So, I moved one of our Craigslist chairs to the schoolroom and got a TV dinner type table at WalMart for $8 after seeing a friend use it in her home. It appears it will be a success and it opens up the room quite a bit. Better still, it can be folded away so the room can be a play room. Pictures to follow.

Another delightful thing to have entered our home in the past week is a DVR. I have recorded the shows that are acceptable for the kids to watch and they are limited to those shows. The TV is on a 24 hr. parental lock, so the kids must get us to watch TV. It's allowed for a lot more outside/creative play as well as less brain eating from the TV.


lavendergardener said...

I still need an HSAD (Home School Acronym Dictionary)...Please send immediately

Cheri said...

Hi-just stopping by via the MFW blogroll. We are using ECC this year. (starting in a couple of weeks) Just wanted to wish you a happy year and I'll look forward to keeping up with you via your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting so excited about starting ECC after reading your post. I'm giddy! LOL