Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!

And when it's cold, I want soup. Well, nap and a soup, but mainly soup. So, today, I'm firing up the crock pot and making one of our favorites Anasazi Beans. I was first introduced to these almost-too-beautiful-to-cook beans by my friend, Erin. She's a homeschooling Army wife I met here in Colorado. She's also one of the most generous, caring people I've had the privilege of ever meeting. Anyhow, at one of our get togethers, she brought all the homeschool moms Anasazi beans. She raved at their ease to cook and their wonderful flavor. See, Anasazi's don't require soaking. Also, they are more sweet than your pinto or black bean. So, I tried them and I was hooked (as I was when Erin introduced me to digital scrapbooking and quiting- peer pressure, let me tell you!). So, tonight it's Anasazis!

See, aren't they pretty? I have measured out 16ozs. of beans. I will rinse and sort through them. Then, I will add them to 4 cups of water in the crock pot.

Then, I'm going to add about 6 slices of non nitrate bacon to the pot. You see, the fat doesn't scare me, it's the nitrates ;) LOL.

I am going to add half this onion & one of the largest cloves of garlic I can wrestle from this head. We love garlic.

I also add 4 tsps of beef bouillon. It should cook on high between now and dinnertime.


If you'd like to get some of these beautiful beans, check out Adobe Milling. I'm going to go cuddle up on the couch with a good book & a hot cup of tea now.

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JAN said...

MMM... we had these beans the other night too! I am addicted.