Friday, November 21, 2008

Breckinridge in Pictures

I didn't get as many pictures as I'd like, but here are a couple. I know you want pictures of me all gussied up, Jan, but you're gonna have to wait for them to get here in the mail. I'm a little frightened, myself, but I'll appease you ;) The last picture is my favorite.

Just makes you want to sing a John Denver song, doesn't it?

We enjoyed a morning out in the town with friends.

We had a jacuzzi in our room and Bella is doing her two favorite things in the world- looking at herself in the mirror and taking a bubble bath.


JAN said...

That John Denver song is great and the photo goes perfect with that song!

I think that last photo is my favorite also. She is so cute and I love the reflection.

lavendergardener said...

Love the pics...Thank you for my new header! Love Love Love it!

Shannon said...

We love Breckenridge - such a beautiful mountain town. You are so blessed to live in gorgeous CO!

I saw that you stopped by my blog - thanks for visiting.