Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whew, Home!

Breckinridge was beautiful! It was a perfect sugar coated mountain town. We loved it. The ball all went off well. Hopefully, I can post some pictures of us all dressed up sometime soon. The dress was done and the seamstress did an exceptional job. It was definitely smaller on top. To the point I probably could have used a corset, but that was my fault.

We came home Sunday afternoon. As we rounded the corner there were orange cones and fire trucks with lights on. Uh oh. Praise, God, it was NOT our house. The neighbor's tween across the street thought it would be fun to light off some firecrackers. Unfortunately, because it's been so dry, the yard got lit up, too. Later, Ron told me (jokingly, folks, jokingly) he halfed hoped it had been our house because then we wouldn't have to worry about selling it. My hubby has a weird sense of humor. I was just glad our house was fine, my dog was still in the house (he's an escape artist), and the cat was still talking to us.

Getting back into the groove of things after spending a weekend in a winter wonderland is hard. Yesterday we had visitors, so there wasn't any school. I guess I could have done something in the morning, but I was busy putting away things from the trip and doing the ten thousand pieces of laundry that snuck back with us from Breckinridge.

Today, I was bound and determined to school. Anytime I start with that attitude, I'm sure to be met with a challenge. LOL. C was not as eager, after having so many days (Friday through Monday) off, to get back into the groove. By the time lunch was over, I needed a nap. I took the kids into bed, read them ...if you sailed on the Mayflower by Ann McGovern, and we all rested. Afterwards, it seemed things were a little more in tune. We knocked everything else out.

As for Ron's orders... Initially we were told he was going to Korea for a year. The kids and I were going to pack things up and head to Albuquerque for the time. Now, we're being told we have orders for Fort Hood, TX, which is about 60 miles from Austin. Then, six months after that Ron will go to Korea. LOL. So, we're just sitting tight and seeing if this is the real deal. It's all subject to change, so I'm trying not to get too comfortable with any ideas.


SmallWorld at Home said...

Wow! I can't help but think that it must be exciting to pack up and move into a new life every now and then. That is really awesome!

Glad your house didn't burn down! ;-)

JAN said...

LOL! Jared would make a comment just like Ron's. :)

Hey, come on you can't leave us hanging with no pics. Where's that dress and heels?

I think if he goes to Korea you should just stay in your house...

karlene said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I love your scripture choice. I'm humbled by your family's service, thank you. And I am inspired by your relationship with God. Have a blessed day and visit me again.