Friday, June 12, 2009

just some eye candy

from Funktion

from Wisteria

from Raised in Cotton

and finally...


from London, England ;)


Alisa said...

LOL... love that last one!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm `Yum` `Yum`....
I love the dress....
Crickey I have sooo much to catch up with Tina..I hate missing anything you create......
You are So ``Inspiring``
I always love your New Blog Looks...and this one is just as beautiful as the next...TFS
A``big `Thankyou` for your sweet Well wishes on the birth of our GD Freya Tina!!!
We are Blessed:)
Much love to you and yours..
Have a wonderful weekend :) x

LORi said...

Hee Hee hee!!! Cute Little post!! That dress would make a great inspiration piece!!

shelly said...

lol i love the commentary:) london looks like itd be a real nice place to visit ;) shhhh im old enough to be the kids mama..bad bad me...

Chimene said...

I love all these pictures:)


Ann said...

oh my I'm not that far from London - you don't happen to have the address do you Tina.

sheesh I'm too old really but oh what a lovely toy boy.

ann xxx

tina said...

ROFL, Ann!!! Yeah, I'll hook you up with the address, just don't tell him I gave it to you. LOL.

I think we're all a bit too old. It's nice to ogle, though. :P